Ivy & Quill’s premier college admissions essay coaching and editing services help students showcase their personality through poignant stories that will leave a mark on admissions officers. As Harvard and Columbia alumni familiar with the application process, we provide insider tips on how to craft the perfect admission essay targeted towards the student’s specific school as well as their academic and career interests, while taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of their overall application content.

Questions and answers pertaining to specific package options for expert coaching can be found by clicking the link here – Individualized College Admissions Coaching: Writing Component & Interview Preparation

Our Process

Stage 1: Brainstorming

During our initial discussions with the student, we will learn more about their family background, academic interests, potential career path, extracurricular activities, and any other experiences that could be relevant for their personal statement. We engage in meaningful and exciting activities to ease them into the process.

Stage 2: Strategizing and Drafting

Next, we will determine three possible essay ideas based on our brainstorming session in which we will then decide which one will be best to tell the student’s unique story. Afterwards, the student will begin the outlining and drafting process of their personal statement.  

Stage 3: Big Picture Editing

There will be two editing phases. The “Big Picture” edits will focus on content and structural editing. 

  • Focus: Does the essay answer every aspect of the prompt? 
  • Logic: Is the essay content logical and easy to follow? 
  • Flow: Do ideas flow smoothly within and between sentences and paragraphs? 
  • Evidence: Does the essay contain sufficient examples to demonstrate the main idea? 
  • Structure: Does the essay have a clear structure? 
  • Balance: Does the writer give a good balance of specific examples and personal reflection?

Stage 4: Nitpick Editing

Each applicant will receive detailed feedback on the essays, namely for fine-tuning and polishing the essay’s language and content.

  • Articulation/Clarity of Expression: Is the language too wordy or too plain to be easily understood? 
  • Rhetoric: Are figures of speech and rhetorical devices used appropriately? Is the use of rhetoric creative?

Stage 5: Final Proofreading

Each essay will go through two final rounds of editing. 
We check for: 

  • Spelling
  • Syntax and Diction 
  • Grammar
  • Fact veracity
  • Cliches 

All consulting meetings occur through video call and all document exchanges are made via e-mail.