It is our goal to provide our clients with outstanding editing, proofreading, and commenting services on a variety of texts including but not limited to: middle school, high school, summer program, college, and graduate school application essays; resumes; cover letters; undergraduate and graduate theses; research papers; and academic essays.

Quality collaborations are formed in Business to Business (B2B) fashion with independent educational consultants and college consulting companies worldwide by providing extensive coaching and editing services to their clients. We also directly work with students and professionals by tailoring our services to fit their individual needs.

In the 21st century, where technology makes the world easily accessible and knowledge is transmitted in real time, our college admissions essay coaching and tutoring programs bring high-quality services and expertise directly to our students through online learning. Through the comfort of accessing their own computer or communication device during our one-to-one meetings, students feel more inclined to interact electronically when developing their personal statements by using online resources and writer’s workshop tools. Additionally, they can take more ownership of their rigorous academic and co-curricular schedule by arranging convenient meeting times without the hassle of traveling to a brick and mortar location. At Ivy & Quill, we realize the needs of our students and their families and pride ourselves on our flexibility in accommodating their needs.

Quickly and effectively through the click of a mouse, we connect with students in order to put them in condition to strengthen their writing skills and feel more confident at school while taking steps forward to prepare for college.