B2B Essay Editing and Consulting

In essence, our specialization is guiding college-bound students in developing meaningful and memorable content for their application essays through collaboration with independent educational consultants and educational consulting companies based nationally and internationally. In this way, companies are able to scale up their clientele by focusing on all aspects of the application process except the writing component. In turn, that is where we come in to provide extensive consulting and editing support in a B2B fashion.

Qualified to meet each client’s needs through professionalism and thoughtful communication, we create a customized experience in order to guide their students to uncover their strengths when selecting their most suitable experiences for the essay prompts. We inspire them to convey the best version of themselves in their essays while letting their unique voice shine through. Not only is it our goal for each student to walk away from this experience feeling proud of their personal statements and supplemental essays, but we equally strive to build their confidence while facing this challenging yet rewarding process.

B2B: Options & Solutions

Here is how the Consulting and Editing Process works in five simple steps:

  1. We connect with companies that would like us to handle all aspects of the writing component of the American college application process.
  2. Together with the partnering company, we craft a clear and transparent work agreement that states how we can support their students throughout the Personal Statement and supplemental essay brainstorming, drafting, and editing processes.
  3. The company puts us in contact with their students so that we can set up consulting meetings through one-on-one video calls.
  4. Once students have fully realized their essays through our guidance, we provide final editing services to perfection.
  5. After each essay has been developed and fully edited, we send it back to both the student and the company to conclude the process.
  1. We provide extensive commenting services in order to help students revise their Personal Statements and supplemental essays that they have independently written (without our consulting services). All document exchanges occur via e-mail between a company contact and us.
  2. Once the student submits their final draft, we do final edits on the essay and send it back to the company contact via e-mail to conclude the process.

We also provide interview preparation for high school-bound and college-bound students by sharing key strategies on how to present themselves through strong verbal expression.